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Website design & web applications development consulting services

Consultation is where any successful project starts
Consultation is essential in order for your project to be developed correctly. There is a good proverb: "Measure twice and cut once".

Look before you leap & Think before you act

The main mission of our work is to ensure that your business ideas are implemented in the best possible way. We can give some general tips for development and testing:

  • Consult well and devote sufficient time to the flowchart of your project
  • Choose the right database, taking into account the volume of stored data
  • Design the database correctly, taking into account the features of the database of the selected type
  • Develop UI interfaces without extra fields
  • Your project must work quickly, for this, optimize software processes
  • Choose the appropriate server settings
  • Conduct a cyber security audit of the project
  • Conduct a full-scale test include Mobile-Friendly
  • Be sure to test the project under heavy load or DDOS
  • Conduct Seobility testing of your project

First step

If you need detailed consulting on your project, contact us - it's free.

We have developed and offer you a universal software package suitable for almost any business: wholesale and retail trade in goods, production, services.
We use best practices to create custom websites & APPS that increase user engagement. It does not only look great, but also performs on a high cyber security level.
You only need your desire to increase sales. Are you looking to attract a higher number of customers to your website? We help you get profitable clicks on Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo & Social media.
Our Cases

Today, businesses have only one choice: either grow online or gradually head towards inevitable bankruptcy. To avoid problems in the process of growth, a business needs to have a reliable BPM system and support. I wish you successful implementation of your projects. My task is to develop and achieve the prosperity of your business. Working on projects since 2010, 92% of our clients have sent us positive feedback.

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Lorak ltd.
Lorak inc. is the largest manufacturer of bicycles in Taiwan.
Improve brand awareness, increase sales of Lorak bicycles.
Developed a brand website, brand book, banners for stands at exhibitions. Launched SEO website promotion and SERM advertising. In 2019, in addition to the redesign of the website, the design of bicycles and the logo were finalized.
For more than 7 years of cooperation a substantial amount of work on the website and advertising campaigns was carried out. Sales and site traffic have increased by a factor.
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AdminBPM & Proper Promotion will help your Project

I developed the AdminBPM system in order to enable every businessman to conduct his business online efficiently, save your working time and money. Remember that we live in a unique time when the smallest company can, with the help of a modern BPM system and a team of professionals, take a significant place in the global online market. Let’s get started.

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