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Russian Poetry Club in London – Customer feedback on services provided by Sergei Ianatev.

In less than one year Sergei Ianatev has created and developed the unique YouTube channel, Russian Poetry Club in London. Thanks to Sergei’s professional skill and expertise, hundreds of videos are now accessible on the channel, with descriptions of the lives of Russian poets and recitals of their works in Russian and English translation, and there are now almost 800 subscribers to the channel and thousands of views.

This is only the beginning. Sergei Yanatev will further develop and expand the Russian Poetry in London channelfor us in the future. And he is now developing the channel’s website.

As Sergei Yanatev’s customers, we are immensely happy with his high-quality work and with what he has achieved for us and we would unreservedly recommend his services – which are first-class - to others.

David Brummell and Alla Gelich 18th December 2021
Russian Poetry Club in London.