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About us

We are an experienced group of designers and artists, programmers, writers and translators. At the same time, we are a team ready to implement even the most complex projects because each of us is an excellent technical specialist. We continuously educate ourselves and teach each other. In our work we distribute efforts in such a way as to achieve the desired result within a specified period.

We admit that we have a small team, but we replace each other if necessary and work on one project with double speed. We are accustomed to outsourcing and integration into the team of international companies. So why is it better to choose us? Working with us is profitable.

We are not a remote service, we are ready to come to you to discuss all the important points. Making a business trip and working on your territory is a common practice for us.

We will prove our effectiveness

Today we cannot call ourselves a large media company, but we have solid experience in European markets. We are able to operate on relatively small costs, yet achieve high returns and raise sales to a new level.

Our small team loves their job very much and we don't want to lose as a bigger player in the IT market.