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Ecommerce online store design & development

Online store according to your business needs.
Professional development of an online store and design based on the individual needs of your business. Support, website optimization and SEO promotion.

What is an online store?

An online store is a necessary business tool, an advertising platform and a place for sales simultaneously. An online store is different from a regular store because the goods it advertises on the virtual showcase and ordering, buying and selling are carried out via the Internet. In fact, an online store is a huge web directory.

Keeping an online store poses many advantages that are appreciated by business owners and customers. There is no need to rent space for trade and equip it, maintain staff, etc.

In turn, the buyer can purchase goods at any time, with home delivery, to order and to use the most convenient payment method.

Create an online store from scratch

Working on a well-established plan, our experts adhere to the fashion trends of design and create comfortable website navigation

As a result, the customer gets a modern, comfortable selling resource that is ready to work.

Many business owners make profits from the development of an online store, as it significantly increases the flow of customers and, accordingly, the company's revenues.

Create an online store entirely: what do we offer?

Experience and knowledge of our staff allows us to successfully create online stores of any complexity. The team performs a complex task, which includes:

  1. Analysis of consumers and competitors. Studying this information gives an opportunity to formulate a proposal, so that it is competitive and focused on potential customers.
  2. The design of usability. Here we think through how to create a online store that is simple and ergonomic.
  3. The creation of the prototype. Using existing information, our specialists schematically depict the location of key elements on each page of the website.
  4. Design. At this stage, we define the concept, approve it with the client and create a sketch of an online store. At the client's request, we are ready to create a responsive website design for ease of use with mobile devices. Due to increased popularity of mobile Internet, the suitability of the resource under the smartphone will favorably affect its position in search results.
  5. Layout and programming. This is completes after the customer's approval of a for the website store, and is handed over to coders and programmers, who convert it into a website. However, they achieve the validity of the code and the correct display of pages in all popular browsers. Because of this, customers with different software will be able to use the web resource.
  6. Adding products and content. Ready-to-use empty website filled with products, descriptions and other information in accordance with modern requirements of search engines and user queries.
  7. Resource check for correct operation in different browsers.
  8. Testing the coherence of its software components and viewing the availability of the necessary materials.
  9. Analysis of the domain and mail setup. After a thorough inspection of the finished resource it is uploaded to the hosting.

How much time passed since the launch of the SEO & Advertising when the online store began to make a profit?

In fact, there are several main sources to attract potential buyers to the website:

  • Search results (SERP).
  • PPC advertising.
  • Offline traffic (outdoor and print ads, the so-called branded traffic is the name of the website/company).
  • Google shopping and similar.

Factors that directly affect user behaviour, and search results:

Commercial factorThese include: corporate e-mail on the website, working hours, feedback forms/phone calls, social networks, videos, reviews about your company (rating, photo materials), reviews about the service, comparison of products, certificates/licenses, the details of the agreement, answers to the questions, news, useful information.
Text factorThese include nesting-logic. This is because the same semantic load has different requests, such as, for example, a cooktop/hob, oven/oven, etc., if you make it incorrect and illogical, then these pages will fight among themselves for access to the top and will never be fixed there. It should also include the quality, uniqueness of text materials and metadata.
Links factorRecently changed the ranking algorithm and the moment became even more relevant than before. It should be borne in mind that this concept includes two components: a) internal b) external factor ranking. This applies to internal linking it should not only be correctly constructed, but also have a vicious cycle. To external - the eternal/natural links, which are selected manually and should be live, ie it should go traffic.
Behavioural factorsThese include: the time and number of pages viewed, filling and sending forms, downloading materials. The most important factor is to get a response to your search query!
Technical factorInclude loading of the website, "purity of the code", adaptation of the website to mobile devices, micro-marking, closing of unnecessary information from indexing by robots, etc.
Advertising budgetAs a rule, we offer four advertising campaign budget options: promo (test budget for 5 working days) and three full-fledged options with monthly payment (minimum, optimal, proper).

According to our observations, a significant increase in search traffic ( assuming constant work on the above listed factors) is observed on average in the 6th month. Thus, the new store will begin to yield profits only after six months.

Is there technical support for online store after its creation?

After the development of the website is completed, our customers are guaranteed to receive support for all work for the next 12 months. In the case you need to develop additional modules, you can always contact your account Manager who will help you to choose the rate of support depending on the assigned tasks.

We have developed and offer you a universal software package suitable for almost any business: wholesale and retail trade in goods, production, services.
We use best practices to create custom websites & APPS that increase user engagement. It does not only look great, but also performs on a high cyber security level.
You only need your desire to increase sales. Are you looking to attract a higher number of customers to your website? We help you get profitable clicks on Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo & Social media.
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Today, businesses have only one choice: either grow online or gradually head towards inevitable bankruptcy. To avoid problems in the process of growth, a business needs to have a reliable BPM system and support. I wish you successful implementation of your projects. My task is to develop and achieve the prosperity of your business. Working on projects since 2010, 92% of our clients have sent us positive feedback.

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Trustinpro multinational business platform is a catalog of companies with the possibility of ordering goods and services (B2B and B2C), reviews & video reviews, video blogging.
Development of a unique platform with many features, including: feedbacks & video reviews, video blogging, etc.
The portal was developed and launched in 13 months. At the heart of the PostgreSQL database, which stores all data, including photo and video files.
The website was fully launched in 2023.
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I developed the AdminBPM system in order to enable every businessman to conduct his business online efficiently, save your working time and money. Remember that we live in a unique time when the smallest company can, with the help of a modern BPM system and a team of professionals, take a significant place in the global online market. Let’s get started.

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